Whats the story?!


So, Trent and I have the best intentions of keeping a bit of a blog for a long awaited travels. We are doing this mainly for our own purposes because we want to have a written record of our adventures but we hope those who are interested will also enjoy keeping up with our whereabouts from time to time!

We have named our blog “GT By Tent” (“Grand Tour/Gemma and Trent”) as we start our travels with 4 months around South America where we will be spending a lot of nights in our tent. We also plan to do some bike touring next year, camping on snow in Canada and trekking in Nepal so its going to be a year of a lot of #tentlife!

After much research about what tent to actually take we have settled on the tent offered to us by our flatmate Douglas.

For us spending a night in a tent has a lot of meaning – it represents a simple life of exploration, sunrises/sunsets, fresh air and happiness. We can’t wait to get started on our Grand Tour and we hope you come along on our adventure.